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What to Expect at Back to Health Chiropractic & Wellness

When you visit Back to Health Chiropractic & Wellness, we take the time to get to know you. Our goal is to find the underlying cause of your health concerns. We’ll be sure to provide you a detailed explanation every step of the way during each of your visits.

Your New Patient Visit

{PJ} Chiropractor Dr. Nolan WhiteWhen you arrive at our office you will be greeted by our friendly receptionist. She will direct you in completing initial intake paperwork. You with then be guided to our consultation room where you will watch a short introductory video that describes our practice philosophy. Following the presentation Dr. White will review your health history and take time to understand your health concerns.

You will then be guided to the examination room where Dr. White will conduct a thorough Chiropractic, Orthopedic, and Neurologic evaluation.

This evaluation will help Dr. White find underlying weaknesses and imbalances that may be contributing to your symptoms. This information will then be reviewed and a specific treatment plan will be created with your goals in mind.

Report of Findings

Dr. White will take the information gathered during your examination and give you a full report of his findings. He will offer his opinion on the cause of your symptoms and review recommendations for your care.

Regular Visits

Each of your routine visits with us will be designed around your specific needs. The visit may involve a combination of the use of chiropractic manipulation, cold laser therapy, and neuro emotional technique.

Dinner with the Doc

Dr. White routinely hosts this educational event at a local restaurant. He will present his philosophy and demonstrate his techniques using volunteers in attendance. This gives all attendees an introduction to the benefits patients receive through Dr. White’s unique approach to health. You do not need to be a patient to attend this event. Friends and families are welcome. We invite you to call our office for more information and to RSVP for our upcoming “Dinner with the Doc”. Limited seating is available. This event is complementary.

Give us a call today. (435) 752-1105