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Welcome to Back to Health Chiropractic & Wellness
Logan Chiropractor Dr. Nolan White

Dr. Nolan White

Find Hope at Back to Health Chiropractic & Wellness

Our goal at Back to Health Chiropractic & Wellness is to provide the people of Cache Valley with a holistic approach to health that optimizes the body’s ability to handle stress. We are bombarded by stress from many sources: work, relationships, finances, physical trauma, emotional trauma, environmental toxins, and inadequate nutrition to name a few. These stressors can have an accumulative effect on our body that can have devastating consequences to our health. Dr. Nolan and his team’s desire is to assist you in your journey Back to Health by maximizing your body’s ability to adapt to these stressors.

Eliminate Your Stress

The comprehensive health care at Back to Health Chiropractic & Wellness focuses on four specific  stressors that, when addressed, can lead to better health.

  • Structural stress
  • Emotional stress
  • Toxins
  • Nutrition

Expert Care

Dr. White has been helping people with varying health challenges for over 25 years. Many experience hope, healing and happiness as they continue to come to our office for pain relief, and find a lifetime of health and wellness through regular chiropractic care. With our various techniques, we’re confident that we can find the solutions that will address your individual health concerns.

You can benefit from our many years in practice. Find out what we can do for you by calling today! (435) 752-1105

Serving Logan, Hyde Park, Smithfield and Providence, UT